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Essen District Court PR 1452

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The attorneys working in the law-office were conferred the titles Rechtsanwaltin or Rechtsanwalt on the basis of German federal law norms. They are members of the Cologne Bar Association.

Professional Code
The following professional codes may be viewed at the Federal Bar Association under

  • BRAO - Federal Law Attorney Code
  • BORA - Professional Code for Attorneys
  • RVG - Attorney Compensation Act
  • FAO - Specialized Attorney Code
  • CCBE - Professional Code for Attorneys within the European Community
  • EuRAG - Act concerning the Practice of Europeon Attorneys in Germany

Liability Dislaimer
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Commencement of Attorney Client Relationship
An attorney client relationship first arises upon agreement to accept a case in writing. If you contact us by post, facsimile, or E-Mail, please confirm by telephone that the documents were received. Sometimes E-Mails do not reach their recipient. Please note that merely sending documents to us does not have any effect on the observance of a deadline.

E-Mail Correspondence
Please be advised that E-Mails may be lost, amended, or falsified with or without the influence of third parties. Conventional E-Mails are not protected against the intervention of third persons and therefore, under some circumstances, confidentiality may not be guaranteed. We do not recommend sending confidential uncrypted data per E-Mail.

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